My Hobbies

The musings that occupy my mind…
I’m pretty sure I have a little bit of ADD. And nowhere is it more evident than in my free time. It’s a wonder this site ever got built.
But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying all of my hobbies. I am inclined to do the things that bring together community, technology and food. In no particular order.


Homebrew has been an interest of mine since college. Many Thursday nights my buddies and I would visit the Fox & Hound for $2 pint night. It was there that I first discovered good beer. Granted it started with a Woodchuck amber cider (which isn’t beer at all) but it was there that I learned that there was more… much much more to beer than just Keystone.

Wedding Brews

My buddy and I drove about 1.5 hours to get our first kit, and after a Saturday of learning, we were brewing beer. And it was bad. Really bad. Of course we didn’t pay too much attention to sanitation in those days and that probably explains why things were so bad. But fast forward three years and now we’re making good beer. Very good beer.

I knew that it was a good idea to marry my wife the day I asked her dad. He said, “So long as we can brew the beer for the wedding, Yes”. And so we did, we brewed 6 different beers for my wedding and they were a hit.